A Letter to Myself, and You

Insert your name here.

Dear Louis, Dear you,

Who you are on your worst day is not the sum of who you are.

Repeat that to sentence to yourself as much as you like, because it is the truth. Deal kindly with yourself, for who you are is enough. You are not too much, you are not too little, you are enough. Who told you differently? Who sold you the lie that you won’t make the grade? You were made for this life. You were made for today.

And just as you were made for this life, so also you were not made to do it alone. Love people. Love them, but don’t allow their love to define your worth. Show grace. Give grace to the people who forget you are a person too. Have confidence, because loving yourself is the key to loving people.

In your failure (or your perception of such) keep moving. In your weakness (or your perception of such) keep looking up. Disappointment, because there is always a chance for it. This is okay, you are free regardless of the disappointment coming. So be free. Walk a little lighter. Shame, because it’s important to call it what it is. You are not alone in this. Wipe the sweat from your brow and breathe. If you can stand again, it’s not over. Gratitude, because this life does not begin and end with you, the pressure is off. Good days are ahead. Acknowledge the sun, for it has risen whether you can see it or not. This is where faith comes in.

Congratulations, you are here. You are needed. You are loved. Let that be the answer.